30 Nov 2015

Grow your business with a social twist

Grow your business with a social twist

Don't forget that advertising yourself is a wise choice if you want people to know who you are, what you do and how they can benefit after interacting with your service or product. Traditional advertising is a great asset if your budget can sustain a constant communication on radio stations, TV channels or outdoor materials, but online presence on social media platforms might be a cheaper and more relevant solution for you depending, of course, on the type of business you own and the aimed target.

1-andreea-inside picBy building an image in the online environment you go one step further towards a more modern medium of communication right into people's home: their news feed. Studies show that we spend an average of 5 to 7 hours per day browsing the internet. This is a very important insight, so it's time to consider having a relevant digital voice.
The starting point is the most difficult, but let's see how can you build a strong presence on social media platforms considering also were are they headed in the near future in terms of usability, consumer behavior and new features.
• Set up your objectives - before thinking of an effective social media strategy, sit down and start writing what are your goals: why did you turn to digital communication, what do you want to achieve, what is more important for the current stage of your business: gaining awareness or increase sales and so on. This will help you draw a structure for your plans.
• Set up your KPI's (key performance indicators) - no matter if you'll propose to have a certain number of likes in a given period of time or a small, but relevant online community, these milestones will help you use the right tools to achieve them.
• Create a persona for your desired target - Facebook, for example, let's you target very thoroughly your audience. This means that you already have to know to whom you'll address in your further communication and how to approach them successfully.
• Learn from your competition - research is really helpful in this case because everything is displayed at your disposal and examples of Do's and Don'ts are a few seconds away. We all know that mistakes are the best teachers, but when you can learn from other's mistakes why not take advantage of it?

Now that you already built a strong plan is time for you to find out how can you translate your future objectives into a dedicated form of communication meant to keep your social audience interested and become an important member of a soon to be numerous online community.

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• Be concise - the attention span of a user is lately at an all time low. Are you wondering why? Because they encounter a lot of information while they scroll up and down their news feeds. This means that you have to be concise and find the shortest way to get to them through a few, but well thought words.
• Create original content - we know, it's not easy and these days originality is like a unicorn, we all know about its existence, but we don't see it. Don't worry, you don't have to post only original content, but is important to keep in mind that these hooks are the key to reach your public. An easy way to create something original is through contexts - link an important happening or topic with a increased share-ability to your service or product in a funny and smart way. Of course, it's really important to find the right context, otherwise you'll end up doing more harm than good.
• Engaging posts - 2015 is the year in which we witnessed a shift from photos to videos as the most engaging way of communication via social media. Vines and video content developed by all kind of brands became viral topics all over the world in a blink of an eye, so don't be afraid to use them.
• Turn to statistics - insights can offer a diverse range of statistics that will help you adjust your strategy considering the hours in which your users are most active, what kind of content is more successful, demographics and so on.
• Invest in advertising - notable results can be achieved faster if you use ads. This way, your voice will be heard by lots of users and, through rigorous targeting, you'll develop a relevant community upon you'll be able to rely further on. Remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Read, do your share of research, start a plan, settle up some SMART objectives and improve your communication skills by becoming a social brand.

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