10 Jan 2016

Xbox One Experience: A true example of good UI

Xbox One Experience: A true example of good UI


The new Xbox One Experience, by it’s name, is an update to the Xbox One software, an introduction of the well-know console to the Windows 10 eco-system and to a brand new User Interface. Why the fuss around this change of UI ? Microsoft worked on a software that is designed for users “by users”. In other words, a big part of the UI is designed by taking in consideration the feedback received from “insiders”, “insiders” that happen to be the best gamers of the Xbox Live community. So what can you expect when you get feedback from these people? Speed, accessibility, power of community, best experience you can have. That’s what gamers want and that’s what Microsoft delivered through the new Xbox One UI.


“50% faster. 100% inspired by gamers”. That’s how Microsoft describes their new Xbox One UI. Unlike the old metro design, Windows 8 like, Xbox One experience understands the need of easy and intuitive access to features and content. Starting with the Home Screen, we are welcomed by a new vertical scrolling page that puts the spotlight on your most recent played games. Easy way to get you back into your favorite game, isn’t it?


Next, we have this new feature called Xbox Guide. Something such simple as Xbox Guide is exactly what you needed in order to cut those minutes spent trying to reach menus and features like “Chat” and “Party”. Just press twice the Xbox button on the controller and a panel offering you lots of options will come to your help in the left of the screen.


Because horizontal scrolling might have been a pain in the ass sometimes because all those needless sections, the new Xbox One Experience got rid of all that useless content and came with only 4 vital tabs meant to be easily navigated and to offer users just everything they need for a better experience.


The new UI also offers gamers constant stats over the games they play through the Game Hubs. These Game Hubs take care that you are always connected and engaged with your favorite games by showing live stats of your current experience in the game. We all know it feels good to see your played hours, achievements or your overall progress.


What we truly admire about the new Xbox One UI is the strong connection between controllers and the software accessibility. Xbox user received through this update a new set of shortcuts, meant to improve their experience, easy accessible through different buttons combinations on the controller. Beside that, Microsoft made sure that users will know about these shortcuts by offering them clear guides.

Overall, we dare to say that The New Xbox One Experience offered us in 2015 a clear example of good UI. Learning from their mistakes and listening to the community ideas for improving their experience. Microsoft delivered one of the best user interfaces seen by now, a true example of good UI that generates even better UX!