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Elevating the minds of thousands of people every year requires a matching digital experience that can capture the essence of a global event in a few scrolls. Read on and find out how launching a website transforms into a show every single year.

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About Brand Minds.

Every business tells you that they want to make the world a better place. But few really put their minds to it. Brand Minds does it by creating memorable, life-changing events that inspire people.

You know their books, their businesses, and their social media accounts – their guest speakers are always a phenomenon.

Rome was not built in a day.

When we met Brand Minds, they had a dream. A huge one. But to get there, they needed a website. One that could keep up with their growing pace. So, we took the role of digital translators: making sure that their creative vision came alive online through the right technologies.

Brand Minds through the looking glass.

Stepping inside the event, we soon realized that people were not coming here just for the speakers. It was more about the entire experience, the vibe, the network- something like Coachella – but for business.

Brand Minds has at its core an immersive experience that immediately makes you feel like you are part of a global network.

The sky is the limit.

Brand Minds challenged us to find the latest and greatest tech solutions throughout the years. There was no settling for less.

These events transform day by day, all year round. So, the site must evolve at the same rhythm as the conference, shifting its form to accommodate new info, new speakers, new tickets. So, speed and efficiency are of the essence.

Think of Brand Minds’ website as a game of everlasting Tetris.

A show of our own.

We won’t lie, we are pretty proud we could pull this one out. Our favorite challenge of all was the fact that on the day of the event we would announce the next year’s lineup. So, at the very second that the speaker would dramatically ask people to check out the website we would have to deploy the new platform for everyone to discover. No spoilers allowed.

Brand Minds are those brilliant thinkers and doers who are writing history today


More than the tech team.

We put our heart and soul on this one as we are not just the tech team. We are partners. Our work was never just about the website. It is more about strategy and finding together new ways to optimize our work. All by keeping in mind Brand Minds’ greatest asset: the attendees and the fact that their experience online had to be as smooth as the one in real life.

Go big or global,

It’s a rare treat seeing a client go from a small meet-up of a couple hundred people to Eastern and Central Europe’s biggest business event. So, each year we learn from our previous experience and ask ourselves, how can we do it even better?

Unique users over the years.


World changers at our events.


Countries smoothly navigated our website.