brandminds 2017
Go big, go global!
  • Web Development
  • Mobile / Responsive
  • SEO Optimization


No matter what is your dream, an inspiring talk from someone who has already got there can mean the world!  That talk can be the spark that makes you go follow your passions!

And this is what Brandminds, a label for premium events, stands for – experiences that are especially created to improve people’s lives through access to worldwide information, opportunities and sustainable development. Their events mean not only to inspire people nowadays, but also to touch future generations.


Responsive web design

Since it’s a presentation website through which customers can also buy tickets for the main event, we had to optimize the users’ experience while browsing, especially on the mobile version of the platform. We thought the entire website from a mobile-first perspective, focusing on an effortless user journey from the first tap to the check-out.
A boost of inspiration right on your smartphone screen, isn’t it?

Typography and Colors

Futura PT

Since the website has a lot of information displayed, we selected an easy-to-read font that also meets the need of an elegant online presence through a not so common sans serif.

  • #009fb4

  • #f8e300

  • #cb3285

  • #0a0a0a

The color palette is also an unusual choice for many, but a successful one for the brand. We mixed black and darker shades of purple that stand for an extravagant visual proposal alongside with lively colors such as orange and blue, for a pinch of boldness and youngness.

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