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Crafting the building blocks of success.

Forget everything you know about apartments and step into the world of Brickville – a revolutionary apartment building that shook the Bucharest real estate industry from the ground up, and we were part of the construction team. 

Branding. Copywriting. Web Design. Web Development

About Brickville.

Starting with an avant-garde concept created by the award-winning architecture studio ADNBA, Brickville was designed to challenge the idea of small squares as flats and bigger squares as apartment buildings. This fresh real estate development played with inner circles, luxury, and timelessness in both shape and spirit.  

Thinking out of the box.

With a larger-than-life feel, this project needed a brand image and platform in line with its values and target. Our team eagerly embraced the opportunity to work on Brickville’s branding and website, aiming to encapsulate its innovative essence.  

Creating the brand brick-by-brick.

For our team, the challenge was clear: to translate the project’s bold vision into a cohesive brand identity and digital presence. Mirroring the project’s ethos that combines creative and classical elements, we crafted a brand-new logo for this project. 

An exclusive pallet.

When choosing the colors we took into consideration hues that would resonate with Brickville’s target audience. We wanted to capture the essence of luxury, sophistication, and forward-thinking design while remaining true to the project’s core values. 

Making our mark.

This visual identity was suitable for both digital and printed bespoke materials ensuring a cohesive and immersive look across any channel. The distinctive and elegant logo and color scheme were meticulously crafted to showcase Brickville’s unique style. 

An atmosphere beyond any words.

In the digital realm of Brickville, every word was carefully chosen to emphasize the experience of luxury living. From enticing descriptions of amenities to captivating narratives about the neighborhood, our team meticulously composed each sentence to captivate and inspire. Through compelling storytelling, we invited visitors to imagine the endless opportunities that await them in Brickville. 

When a door closes, another one opens.

As Brickville continues to capture the imagination of real estate enthusiasts, we’re proud to have played a role in bringing this visionary concept to life. In the world of Brickville, the possibilities are endless, and we’re honored to have been part of its journey.