Burger Van
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Burger Van

Bucharest has become the Romanian Mecca of burgers: from its hidden bistros to extremely popular restaurants, eating a burger menu in a hipsterish pub for lunch is a must for locals and tourists.

Burger Van is one of the first players that mixed burger serving with a new concept: food takeaway on wheels. Participating with the van almost everywhere (music festivals, film festivals, cinemas and so on) they have built a trusted brand among urban food aficionados.

After 3 years of promoting themselves only via  Facebook, through awesome events presences and word of mouth, they entrusted us to create a brand new website tailored for their needs and brand characteristics.

Are we burger fans or what?

Responsive web design

Even though we developed a presentation website, we made sure that its content is available at the same quality for each and every device used by customers or curious (hungry) minds.

Typography and Colors


We used an alternative font with a thicker shape and a more squeezed letter-spacing, placing it only where titles and CTAs were positioned due to its eye-catching visual statement.


A serif font chosen for body text areas due to its easy-to-read features. Mixing it with Oswald, we succeeded to achieve an awe-inspiring visual balance.

  • #f9f9f9

  • #f7ce95

  • #f15a29

We didn’t estrange from the initial brand colors, sticking with warm shades of brown, orange and beige. It’s like the entire website took the color of a well-done burger served right on your desktop.

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