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Make cheat day, every day.

Working with a legacy brand is no easy task, but joining forces with the van to first-ever serve burgers in Bucharest? That’s a tall order! We added social media and a custom website to make it a meal, and the rest is just pure adventure.

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About Burger Van.

Freshly grounded meat, fluffy buns, secret sauces, and crispy fries may seem the norm now, but when Burger Van first started serving these delicious urban recipes, they were the pioneers. The public was immediately hungry for more, so the small van became a burger empire with restaurants, delivery points and, of course, more vans spread across the city, and we were there every step of the way.

No beef, just good competition .

Burger Van’s challenge was to remain relevant in the fast-paced hospitality industry that boomed in the last few years. As burger joints were opened left and right, Burger Van needed to remind people that the first is still the best. In a world where restaurants are only as good as their last burger, we made them stand out.

Keeping it cool.

Meeting the team reminded us that passion was the true star of the menu, leading us to create the perfect positioning for them. Urban food was the name of the game going forward. The product and the community were there, so we just needed to add a more modern, youthful, and neat vibe to this brand. So, we hit the revamp button and our magic began.

Blame us for your munchies.

Our strategy was simple – get people to see our products at every scroll and remind them that ordering these tempting burgers is at their fingertips. Our campaigns include Search Ads, Google Display and Social Media Ads to make sure everybody craved something from Burger Van.

Burgers are the new rockstars.

With products that look this good, it would be a pity not to let them shine through our posts. Our signature social media style is bold, witty, cool, and urban just like our burger. The fans get a taste of the menu through our mouth-watering content and resonate with our relatable situation’s series. Jokes aside, Instagram & Facebook were the places for creating unique events, telling stories through videos, and engaging with the community.

Just one more fry.

Good things last forever so our plates are always full of this brand. A new recipe, taking the trucks to a new festival, or planning our own parties – there’s always something happening at Burger Van. This means we get to keep everyone excited about the next big thing. Don’t just believe us, look at those numbers.

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