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When Romania’s very first marketplace wanted to take their business further and build an online presence, Waio jumped to the task. Combining thousands of products from hundreds of vendors, Doraly is one of our most complex projects yet.

What we did

As the Doraly logo was not online-ready, we started with a visual facelift, giving the well-known logo a crisp, modern look. We created a simple, straight-forward look for the site, scattering small, yet impactful micro-animations throughout the site, for a smooth user experience that will not distract from the shopping activity. We also designed all the UI elements, like the icons and insured an intuitive journey.

Being such an extensive company, it has both B2B and B2C audiences, so we ensured practical, transparent landing pages, custom made for each type of target, as well as for different events like Christmas or special sales.

Typography and colors


Urban, Argentinian typography inspired by 20th-century advertising. We chose a simple serif font to emphasize the approachability of the website and to keep it easy to read.

  • #f0b61b

  • #f05623

  • #e63025

  • #c3382a

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