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The business was booming so it was time to go bigger than ever. Going head-to-head with Romania’s e-commerce giant by launching its only competitor, was just the challenge Waio needed! Read on and find out how we made the new kid win the popular vote on the Internet.

Branding. Communication Strategy. Copywriting. Graphic Design. Social Media. Web Design. Web Development

About Elefant Marketplace.

With millions of satisfied shoppers every day, Elefant wanted to extend its potential with a brand new B2B platform that offered entrepreneurs new opportunities to grow. The website delivered products that ranged from books, make-up, games and appliances, so it was the perfect spot to sell anything imaginable.

The competition was fierce.

Elefant Marketplace wanted to become the challenger in their industry by going against the company that, up to that moment, held the monopoly.

Changing the status quo needed more than some “Yo’ competitor jokes”, so we worked on a complete digital presence to be reckoned with.

Speaking their language.

Gone are the days when business-to-business meant cold and boring. The tone of voice of this brand through digital was friendly, cheerful, and even funny, but always trustworthy and relatable. This made a huge difference to our target audience that started paying attention to our messages.

Put on a friendly face.

Our branding process gave Elefant Marketplace a relaxed, yet exciting palette, fit for a modern company. Taking the brand’s already famous identity and transforming it for the B2B platform meant bringing the legacy and credibility from Elefant and innovating it so it could be easily distinguishable.

Speaking of websites.

This was one of the most exciting parts of the project – making a site that would welcome the entrepreneurs and explain the collaboration process, the perks and the responsibilities. Easy to use and ready to read on the go where our number one priority, so users could start the onboarding anytime.

Sprinkle a lot of love.

For Elefant Marketplace the vendors’ experience was everything.

Alongside them, our team built a bespoke system that would guide the users every step of the way. First, a set of e-mails to validate each onboarding phase, and then, as the vendors settled in, we provided a newsletter that kept them up to speed with the latest news and offers.

All about the social media.

Going where our target was, it was clear that the usual suspects, Facebook and Instagram, were not enough. We created a special Telegram channel for Elefant Marketplace and invited all the entrepreneurs. Here, the communication was much more direct and our users could interact with us via reactions, polls and so much more.