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New hits in the house!

The music industry is a tough one to break into. With a visionary force, one of the best musicians in the world changed everything. So, get your glowsticks up and put your favorite playlist on, it’s time for a journey beyond the mainstream as we delve into the world of Epic Tones.

PPC. Web Development.

About EpicTones.

Forget about endlessly swiping through generic playlists. Epic Tones is here to infuse your day-to-day life with music that slays. EDM sensation, Pascal Junior, wanted to escape the third-party app race and create the crossroad for brilliant unheard sounds and music lovers.

Get into the groove.

Epic Tones needed to be more than just a site or app. It needed to be THE platform: the place to listen to the latest beats, the label to be part of, and the shop for amazing merch and events. With custom needs and big dreams, Epic Tones would challenge the entire industry. And we were their partner in chime!

Setting the scene for new music.

Hold onto your headphones, this is where it gets epic!

The heart of the project was a custom radio filled with playlists curated by Pascal Junior, highlighting up-and-coming artists, and their unique sounds. We added state-of-the-art features built especially for this project as well as a seamless user journey.

The legendary App-venture.

With life always on the go, it was only natural that our bespoke radio would also be available as an app. To develop a complete experience for our users we crafted with care each section like voting for the top hits or the blog and news platform. 

But wait! There’s always more.

We didn’t stop there! Adding exclusive playlists, sneak peeks, and even a CarPlay feature that’ll have you dancing in the driver’s seat, this wasn’t your average music app — it was a whole new level of epic.

Putting the fun in function.

The website was the epicenter of everything Epic Tones had to offer. So, it didn’t just have to look the part, it needed to be a smooth interface that vibed with the music.

From the famous custom playlists radio to the latest releases, fresh merch, events, and many more attractive features – we crafted the perfect platform for anyone who wanted to stay on top of their electronic music game.

A Homepage that drops the mic.

Eye-catching, eye-candy, mood-setting bliss! The user-interface design team focused on bright, vibrant images and color schemes to immerse the visitors in the Epic Tone universe. A place for fun, good vibes, and the hottest unheard sounds.

The website also featured Premium content, like shows, unreleased sneak-peaks and podcasts. Our team has implemented a custom membership system, with different levels and features for every fan to enjoy.

Follow the beat of your heart anywhere.

Even if the mobile and car apps were already a huge success, we wanted to give fans pure flexibility. Ensuring they were ready to groove wherever they went, our team focused on responsive features and a mobile-first design. Now the party goes wherever you go.

Getting more clicks for the hits.

From search ads to banners and targeted campaigns, we unleashed the full force of digital marketing to push Epic Tones to the top of the charts. As music is a universal language, our ads reached markets like Asia, North and South America as well as Europe, generating thousands of leads.

What’s even better is that both the website and mobile app’s news section had an ad server. This functionality enabled us to promote our events and launches while also selling ad space to other companies, generating revenue for the platform.

The Epic Encore.

We knew we were in for a wild ride when Epic Tones knocked on our door. With Pascal Junior’s vision at the helm, we embarked on a mission to design a digital playground like no other. And what a success!

As the curtain falls on our epic journey, one thing remains clear: our bond with Epic Tones is more than just business — it’s a lifelong love affair with music. Here’s to many more beats, bass drops, and unforgettable moments.