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It’s official: Cats tookover the internet.

We already loved talking about pets, so this brief hit the home run! This was a great opportunity to educate users about everything their furry friends needed. Paw by paw, we created the Felina Pet Vet style with viral content and eye-catching designs. Read and see how!

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About Felina Pet Vet.

This small vet cabinet believes that every animal deserves gentle and correct treatment. And when they say every single one, they mean it: their patients vary from cows to Chihuahuas.

Their mission became to offer inclusive, high-quality medical services at affordable prices.

The story of David and Goliath.

In a dog-eat-dog world, Felina felt like they couldn’t make their voice heard.

This rural cabinet needed to tell owners that they didn’t have to travel wide and far or spend a lot to keep their pets healthy and happy.

So, we knew that social media was the perfect place for them to roar.

Looking beyond the pets.

Going to the clinic, we saw that they were all about humanity. Treating the animals with kindness and educating & creating relationships with the owners.

Felina is as much about the pets as it is about the people and the community. 

It was amazing seeing a small doctor’s office at the heart of a strong-knitted group.

If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The name Felina was a bit confusing for us – after all, this was not a cats-only vet. But changing the name was off the table, it was already their DNA. So, our challenge became to create a logo that would say what the name couldn’t.

Painting the picture.

We played with some symbols that matched their values: inclusiveness, compassion, and their scientific approach.

To avoid any clichés, we went with unusual colors like cornflower blue, violet and black. As a font we used Posterama – for a professional look that would look great online and offline.

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

We didn’t stop there. Their Facebook page needed a make-over. So, we chose a modern & lighthearted style that would help us get a consistent look through a variety of topics.

We also knew that to get everyone’s attention we needed a friendly, frisky tone of voice.

Keeping it real.

Pet owners ourselves, we wanted to help people get rid of their 4 AM thoughts like – What happens if my cat eats dog food? How did my dog’s nose get pink?

Moreover, our feed is our battlefield – in a country where pets are fed food scraps, and stray animals are a huge problem – we had to become advocates for neutering and responsible ownership.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

We wanted to keep people’s interest alive and show them unusual pet choices with all their ups and downs. So don’t be surprised if you’ll scroll past the cats and dogs to see posts about chickens, exotic fish and unusual reptiles.

From a real-life community to a digital one.

We were ecstatic to engage with our online community – seeing people respond positively, sending us photos, and wanting to learn more. This reassured us that we were heading in the right direction.