GLO Marine
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  • Programmatic SEO
  • UX/UI

GLO Marine

GLO Marine is a ship design company with a passion for vessel engineering solutions and a fresh team & perspective. For GLO Marine, the website is the main communication medium, so it had to reflect the brand’s core values and offer effortless navigation

What we did

Before developing the website we researched all GLO Marine’s international competitors. Most of the pages had obsolete designs and lacked UX optimization. In order to stand out from this crowd, we designed a modern, vibrant website with a well-thought user experience. The site’s architecture showcases the brand’s identity by having page elements building around the user’s interactions, just as the GLO Marine’s team designs the vessels around the customer’s needs.

We ensured that the intuitive user experience, eye-catching design, and optimized coding really highlighted their main products and services, constructing a smooth user journey.


Urban, Argentinian typography inspired by 20th-century advertising. We chose a simple serif font to emphasize the approachability of the website and to keep it easy to read.

  • #178591

  • #4a4644

  • #ffffff

A marine-inspired color scheme, that would also transpire responsibility and professionalism.

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