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Riding the tides and design trends.

We are always ready to help clients make a splash, but with Glomarine we took their business to a whole new level. With a strong ethos and the desire to conquer the seven seas, all they needed was our guide to navigate the digital world. Read & see how!

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About GloMarine.

This company was all about engineering and designing specialized vessels of every shape and size, delivering ease of mind for their clients beyond the naval architecture services provided. Glo Marine’s portfolio kept growing with spectacular projects and so did their potential to become leaders of the ship-construction industry.

Soy Capitan.

Expanding the Glo Marine brand needed a strong strategy that took into consideration the naval market expectations vs the client’s assets. Luckily for us, their expertise and quality of products spoke for themselves. We prepared a digital identity that showcased what the company had to offer, separating them from the competition.

Nothing falls under the radar.

The design came first on this account – their beautiful projects became the center of attention as we created sleek, modern, marine-inspired compositions. The color palette took the naval theme to the next level, playing with whites and dark turquoise shades that evoke the image of cruising boats.

Right from the start, we knew that the website delivered had to be so good that people could not pass through it without calling the Glo Marine team for a new project.

Providing function & experience.

Yes, learning about Glo Marine and convincing users to contact the team was our focus, but these pages had to be an experience on their own. After all, the website would become their business card.

We designed the user interface to accommodate even the most un-savvy customers, and, at the same time, create a dynamic experience through videos and animations.

Remain anchored in reality.

Our collaboration far exceeded the digital realm. For years, we have provided business consulting services that helped them expand and find the right audience. Seeking efficiency and bringing out-of-the-vessel ideas, we helped them grow the brand every step of the way.