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iCentre is an Apple premium reseller based in Promenada Mall, Bucharest. Since the entire Apple culture is centered on a particular taste for quality and refined design, we stayed close to these brand values that are so appreciated by the entire community.

The concept was pretty straightforward: the iCentre e-shop had to stay true to Apple’s identity. We designed the layout in a manner that users could easily browse it.  At the same time, we made sure customers have constant visual support of the products and are emerged in the overall brand ambiance.

We have created an online shopping experience built on a very clear user-journey and an exquisite design that recalls the refined simplicity of Apple.


Apart from the unique design, we wanted to add some extra features that would help the overall business.
This is why we've implemented some functionalities that are missing from other important e-shops, such as a real-time configuration of the products based on user’s features selection, the possibility of bundling products, extra gifts, and easily customizable products that have a real-time price calculator.

The e-shop built on Magento, a secure platform that offers in-depth statistics regarding the website’s evolution, and is integrated with a custom made ERP that helps the users find out if a certain product availability.

iCentre was fully optimized for SEO purposes and was built to load fast, no matter if the product range increases or if it encounters high traffic.

Typography and Colors

Helvetica Neue

We used Helvetica Neue because of its quintessential sans serif font characteristic, remaining even now a timeless and neutral typeface that can be used no matter of the communication purposes. It’s slick and we saw it as a perfect match with what we wanted to showcase on the website: a seamless experience and a sophisticated design.

  • #282828

  • #fc9b4c

  • #0a0a0a

The proposed design revolves around a few tasteful shades of white, orange, grey and black. We translated the sophisticated imagery in a color palette that helped us bring to life the entire platform.

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