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A journey through living spaces and time.

Even muses need some guidance to inspire others. Lovedeco wanted a home for their high-quality articles, tips & tricks, and remodeling stories. This case presents how we helped them make interior design more approachable than ever, so read along!

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About Lovedeco.

To buy or to rent? That is the question.
Whatever you choose, Lovedeco has an article or two about how to turn it into your home. This editorial platform is full of ingenious designers and architects that write about how to look beyond the usual limitations of budget, space and time.

Assembling the future.

The local home-decor scene was missing high-quality content directed to the general public. Lovedeco planned to build an inclusive platform that would inspire people no matter their budget. We loved their idea, so we brought our wood and nails, and started working.

The light bulb moment.

So Lovedeco is all about making interior design accessible, approachable and fun. They are all about showing people real houses and tested methods.

Helping people to imagine endless possibilities between their 4 walls.

User-friendly Admin Dashboard.

We’ve built the editorial section with the team in mind. They should focus on their part, making quality articles, and not stumbling upon technical challenges. We gave authors the ability to juggle between photos, texts, videos, sliders and graphic elements. No patterns attached.

Paving the path
for users.

You know that feeling when you read one article and then another – and then you just keep reading?
That’s what we wanted on Lovedeco. We’ve been through a journey of our own with their team to co-creating this intuitive and delightful experience that would make people crave some more.

Unique features.

To accommodate all their cool features – including hundreds of videos that will remind you of MTV Cribs, room for ads and advertorials, algorithms that would customize the experience and many more – we worked closely with their entire team to find the right strategy.

Home sweet homepage.

The most important thing was keeping the site flexible. Using Agile Development, we gave the editors full control. They could instantly change the articles on the homepage or move any article or section, with a click of a button. We ensured that nothing got lost in translation.

Optimize adapt overcome.

We may not be Bear Grylls, but optimizing a website with thousands of users everyday is no walk in the park. Using data for strategy and the latest trends for upgrades, we ensure that Lovedeco runs smoothly and remains sustainable.

Passion goes
a long way.

In such a short time Lovedeco has become a hit – covering a need that people didn’t even know they had helped them grow beyond any expectation. With no ceiling to stop them, now the sky is their limit!