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Kids and clients, they grow up so fast!

If you think toys and high-end design don’t go together, think again! Mottom wanted to prove to the entire world that children should be surrounded by the best quality possible, picking the most premium toys, clothes, furniture and accessories for their store. We played our part, delivering this message digitally, to the right parents in the audience.

Communication Strategy. Copywriting. Graphic Design. On-Page SEO. PPC. Social Media. Web Development

About Mottom.

Mottom took the market by surprise and introduced a new mindset to the way children are raised, one where the things that surround the little ones are just as important as the things we teach them. Putting quality first, Mottom created a market for Scandinavian, minimalist objects made from premium wood, natural fabrics, and extremely safe dyes. No plastic or cheap shortcuts were allowed, as they believed timeless pieces encourage creativity and curiosity.

Not so easy-peasy lemon squeezy .

Society made people believe that everything kids come in contact with gets messy, broken down, and must be replaced every other minute, so splurging on quality products is a waste of money. Moreover, having a small child is already expensive, so many parents are not ready to invest in hand-made premium items, even though they would be safer and last longer. Our job was to find the perfect niche audience that looked past old-school parenting and resonated with the products’ aesthetics and philosophy.

Insta-parents, come out and play!

With the help of some thorough research, we discovered a new generation of parents that weren’t afraid to offer to build a different kind of childhood, one of the carefully selected experiences, who loved to pamper their offspring no matter the cost. To our delight, these types of parents were heavy social media users, and everything that looked cool in a story was perfect for them. Luckily for Mottom, their minimalist, neutral-toned garments and furniture were right on trend.

Beyond bedtime stories and dream scenarios .

With a target in mind and an e-shop ready to receive more customers, it was time to build a solid strategy to help our team get to as many potential buyers as possible. Optimizing the costs every step of the way, we managed to balance our lead-generating system and remarketing campaigns, doing our best to tackle this narrow audience.

Social media is the message.

For Mottom setting the right tone of voice was key. Their products may have looked simple, but behind them, there was an entire ethos about children’s welfare. Capturing Mottom’s style and showing their benefits in one post at a time was no easy task, but with a relaxed attitude and down-to-earth promises, everything was possible. Our team kept the design minimalistic, choosing beautiful pictures and adding playful accents of color to convey our message. Our feed was colorful yet peaceful and modern, just like the client wanted.