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Welcome to our crib project.

NewGen is all about legacy – leaving a comfortable home and a greener future for the next generation was a mission that we immediately supported. As experts, we knew that even the most conservative and valuable products have a place online, so we planned to take advantage of everything digital had to offer.

Copywriting. Graphic Design. On-Page SEO. PPC. Social Media. Web Design. Web Development

About NewGen.

Nowadays, buying your dream home is no easy task, as fewer and fewer developing companies put quality first in their buildings. NewGen was set on creating family-friendly houses that would last a lifetime and be a joy to live in every day. From the location to the finishing touches, their team put in the effort to create comfortable and relaxing spaces for future owners.

Not another brick in the wall.

As we are experiencing a building boom, people are spammed with messages about new apartments constructed near big cities. Cramped neighborhoods with little daylight, questionable layouts, and poor structure have all become the norm, so potential buyers have lost their trust in the real estate builders.

We were there to shine a new light of hope for excellent properties made by an honest and reliable company.

Restoring faith in humanity.

We were tasked with changing people’s minds about an entire industry, not just raising awareness about our client. When creating the businesses’ digital identity, our team combined an expert positioning with a friendly tone of voice to show that NewGen Real Estate was ready to offer counsel and support to the families that searched for their perfect home. This is how our team transformed a dreaded process into a smooth experience.

For each housing project, we have designed individual marketing materials that told the story of the new houses and their perks, atmosphere, and unique features that made potential buyers feel right at home. Our team selected key outdoor banners to raise even more awareness near the communities where NewGen developed new houses.

Build the box and think outside it.

From naming to ads, we were responsible for the whole marketing process. We chose bold names that would stand out in our advertising materials, so people could immediately grasp the key advantages of every project. The ad sets were created having in mind the potential buyers – their interests, hobbies, workplace, and family size, generating essential lifestyle connections. Texts and designs were carefully crafted to be sales oriented yet offer a charming narrative.

Post it on every possible wall.

Naturally, social media is an important part of house-hunting, so our content felt at home on Facebook and Instagram. Beautiful images that would inspire future owners, premium design features and quality building materials were always in the spotlight of our posts. This was an opportunity to have first-hand contact with the customers, learn more about their needs and adjust the content accordingly.

Building a future together.

As the campaign for one project was over, a new one was just starting, so we kept building momentum on our social media pages and website, proving that NewGen is a reliable real estate developer, gaining more trust as more homes were sold. We are proud to say that we grew a community online and in real life as people that once commented on the same page become neighbors.

Houses turned into homes


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