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For our next trick: turning pigments into pixels.

When your name becomes synonymous with patriotism and tradition, it’s time to hit the refresh button and adapt your approach to better connect with a new generation of clients. Put on your hard hat and witness as we bring Policolor and their longstanding values into the digital playground of today.

Social Media. PPC. Web Design

About Policolor.

As the pioneering Romanian paint manufacturer, Policolor has been a crucial part of the market for over 50 years. From home decor to industrial and automotive special pigments, their journey has been defined by innovation and catering to the needs of each generation they encounter. With an extensive portfolio, they offer products tailored to every customer or business.

Keeping up with the times.

With foreign brands crowding the market and an extraordinarily broad audience, we were determined to show that local products were up to the task, no matter the challenge. Making sure Policolor does not become obsolete, we have created a powerful digital presence that would catch the attention of a younger audience showing that Policolor can add a splash of color anywhere.

Carrying on
the spirit of Policolor!

Policolor has always had a larger-than-life feel. Over the decades, their mission extended beyond encouraging homeowners and professionals to use their products for renovations; they aimed to inspire and reassure that every project, no matter how daring, is possible.

This essence of the brand is now seamlessly included into their digital presence!

Spread the word and the paint.

With a powerful landing page and rebranding all prepared, it was time to create a dynamic performance marketing campaign that would raise awareness nationwide. By combining modern packaging with Policolor’s true heritage, we created an unforgettable image that showcased to users the brand’s authentic colors.

Bring out the Likes, Laughs and Layers.

Taking advantage of Policolor’s extensive range of hues, from soft pastels to bold dark shades and their diverse portfolio, we revitalized their Facebook Feed with trendy interior designs and pallets that would inspire everyone from DIY enthusiasts to professional interior designers.
Spicing things up with giveaways and collabs achieved a great content mix.

Painting the Instagram Red.

Bid goodbye to the old and say hello to the new, trendy, eye candy posts! For Instagram we broke free from stuffy, boring grids and freed our page to run as wild and colorful as it could get. The inspiring visuals and collabs transformed SPOR Instagram account into a must-follow destination for the young audience.

The journey has just begun.

From a brick-and-mortar approach to an e-shop, followed by a virtual color simulator, and remarkable Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, this brand went through a digital rebirth that paid off with more and more people becoming active followers. It paves the way for an exciting future filled with endless possibilities.