Sunshine Cub Luxury Spa
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  • Web development
  • UI / UX Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media
  • Digital strategy

Sunshine Club - Luxury Spa

In a world where looks are more than meets the eye, a luxury centre that combines beauty services with a specialized medical approach is a business that needs to speak for itself. But what is there todo when its overall awareness rate is not a strong point?
Leverage it in our favor by creating a digital communication signature through a brand new website and a thorough communication plan!

Relaxation - Rejuvenation - Massage

Beautiful responsive
web design

With a continuously increasing trend of smartphone internet usage, we needed to make sure that our client has its digital assets up-to-date. Having this in mind, we created a mobile first website that can be browsed easily from any device.
Having a bad hair day? No problem, schedule fast a visit at the centre through the website!



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Futura PT

Since the website has a lot of information displayed, we selected an easy-to-read font that also meets the need of an elegant online presence through a not so common sans serif.

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