Sushi Garden
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  • UI / UX Design
  • Copywriting
  • E - Commerce Development
  • Social Media
  • SEO Optimization

Sushi Garden

Bucharest meets an evergrowing trend in which concerns food businesses – more and more pubs, restaurants and bistros are being opened every day, each with its own concept and speciality.

In a market full of burgers and street food vans, Sushi Garden promises to be an affordable alternative by bringing japanese cuisine closer to our soul.

With prices lower that the average and a team full of enthusiastic antrepreneurs, this restaurant that attends almost every customer’s need, from families to small children, needed a communication strategy in order to gain awareness and build from there a successful business, with a higher focus on online demands through an e-shop.

Responsive design

Online food businesses need flawless websites no matter the devices through which they’re being accessed, so this is why we created from scratch an e-commerce with a really easy user journey on desktop, as well as on mobile devices.
The site was built with the help of Woocommerce platform and for an even easier experience for the end user we added an online chat available during open hours.



a font usually used for titles due to its strong and imposant appearance and easy-to-read features.

Open Sans

used only for body text areas because it’s also easy to read when the user encounters a larger portion of content. It’s a font optimized especially for web and mobile interfaces, so it was a natural choice knowing the purpose of Sushi Garden’s platform.

  • #ffffff

  • #f7f7f7

  • #8dc53f

  • #f47921

  • #1e1e1e

We wanted that the overall visual experience of the website to be as fresh and vivid as a roll of sushi, so tha main shades used were: orange (salmon), green (cucumber), black (algae) and white (rice).

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