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Adding Eye of the Tiger to our playlist.

Let’s go to the gym tomorrow is probably the biggest lie in human history. Our client Sweat wanted to change this into an honest promise and get people to enjoy movement. We set our playlist on cardio mode and jumped at the opportunity to help them achieve that.

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About Sweat.

Bringing the latest technology updates to fitness and a holistic approach to the way people get to their goals, Sweat was committed to transforming gyms into something people would love. Their target was to create a real sense of community and comfort for every new member so that workouts would become a lifestyle.

The hurdle race begins.

With a premium price point and a handful of locations, Sweat was off to some serious competition. From giant health clubs to small neighborhood gyms, everybody was fighting for attention. It would take more than cool amenities and friendly staff to penetrate the market and make a name for themselves.

Champions of technology.

Sweat brought something unique to the table – leave the hard part to technology and enjoy results faster than ever before. The gym used top-of-the-line equipment, hired top coaches for fitness classes and one-on-one training, and offered unprecedented SPA amenities for an unparalleled well-being experience.

With all this in mind, we had to search for the right target – people and companies that would pay a premium for exceptional benefits. The hard part would be getting the users to try the gyms for the first time, as we knew that once they enjoyed a Sweat session they would instantly convert to new members.

All Sweat, no tears.

We took advantage of every digital marketing channel that would lead us to our specific target, from social media campaigns to google ads and advertorials. Our ad system performed extraordinarily, ticking every box from awareness to lead generation. The services were so good, fitness influencers were posting stories and reels from the gym, without a contract, so each month the page gained traction through earned media.

To keep the momentum going, we handpicked the best OOHs in the area and paid space in print magazines. Covering all bases, our team created sleek business materials to convey our message on a B2B level and convince companies that Sweat was the perfect fit for their employees.

Make a bold statement.

Social media ads played a special role in our strategy. Creating different funnels and fitting our target gender and location to a specific message.