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We swear to say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Keeping the Internet safe & fake news free is something everyone aspires to do, but True Story Project is one of the few companies that were ready to put in the work and dedication required. It was an honor to help them make the digital world a better place!

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About True Story Project.

Journalism is becoming less and less trustworthy with famous news outlets having questionable sources or biased writers. True Story Project was founded to be a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants to find out the truth, with no added fluff or hidden agenda. This noble purpose was in dire need of a digital partner to help spread the word, so we jumped at the opportunity.

Some heroes fact check.

The news industry is saturated with publications that claim to be truthful, so the first order of business was to make their values stand out. Educating the public is one of the hardest tasks a publication can undertake, even more as they were new on the market. Building up trust and credibility was the only way we could attract readers so this became our priority.

Make it personal.

True Story Project is a brand with a big personality, especially as they have an illustration column that satires the latest events and society. The unique features of the project had to shine through every part of their digital presence so our design team carefully curated key characteristics that would stand out and display professionalism.

Let everybody know.

With a strong platform ready, all there was left to do was reach new audiences and establish a strong community. We developed a series of campaigns that pushed True Story Project articles through social media and Google ads.

Our message was loud and clear: read. check. understand. and carefully select your sources when you encounter political, social, or economical breaking news.

Truth can be ugly, but fake news is worse.

The most iconic work for True Story Project has to be the Monster book of Fakenews – a campaign where alongside their artists and journalists we’ve created 5 types of monsters, each representing one of the most common and dangerous types of fraudulent journalism.

Armed with Fake News Mondenus, Economicus, Științificus, Politicus and Medicalus we raised awareness and worn people of the peril of believing everything on the internet.