• UI / UX Design
  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • Mobile / Responsive


Tryamm is constantly developing advanced technological solutions that boost quality and productivity in offices no matter their size or industry. They support their clients through distinct products and services like printing equipment and multi-functional devices that help to secure, archive or shred documents and information.

The challenge with this project was to declutter and reorganize their entire website. Even though the company offered hundreds of great office solutions, it was not clear which products were, in fact, available. Clients were discouraged by the lack of order and structure. We had to rethink the entire user experience as we could not stand to see such a great service go to waste as the result of poor design. So our very first step was to identify a solution that would make this site as user-friendly as possible.



Responsive web design

A website that displays a large amount of information that stands for the very core of the business had to be responsive in order to get to as many clients as possible. And that’s what we achieved: a seamless experience through a considerable amount of content, even from your smartphone.

Typography and Colors


Being a geometric sans serif typeface, this font contributed to the overall professional look&feel of the website due to its strong visual appearance.

  • #f3f3f3

  • #cdcdcd

  • #1e1e1e

Knowing the business dynamics and its B2B approach, we felt the need to maintain a professional look on the website through more serious shades of black, white and gray instead of distracting colors that wouldn't have fitted well in the brand’s universe.

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