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The Goldfish asked us a favor.

To save the world from plastic waste, overfishing and helping marine biodiversity in the process? This is the kind of larger-than-life project that starts with a social media post and changes the behaviors of consumers nationwide. Learn how we did it all in this case!

Communication Strategy. Copywriting. Graphic Design. PPC. Social Media

About Unfished.

Maybe we have a type, but loving to work with sustainable businesses is definitely a green flag.

A small fish in a big pond, Unfished is the company that defined a brand-new category nationwide: plant-based fish products. The catch? People did not quite get what was wrong with eating fish.

The allure of seafood.

Seafood may be delicious, but excessive fishing, plastic waste and heavy metal poisoning make it harmful for us and the planet. Unfished made it its mission to save the environment with a plant-based alternative that tastes delicious and makes the oceans a much better place.

Ready to make a splash.

Gathering all the data about our potential consumers and market position, led us to our niche: people that love the environment as much as they love the flavor. Pin-pointing our target to vegans, vegetarians and curious flexitarians helped us develop the right strategy for our digital content.

Conquering new waters.

The potential of the brand was outgrowing the narrow market in Romania, so we helped Unfished think about its business on a global level. We established the go-to-market strategy for the UK & Germany, as well as the plan for marketing and communications in these countries. Launching a product abroad and coordinating teams across the seas was definitely an exciting challenge.

To ensure the plant-based products will get the attention they deserved, our team designed a PPC strategy that made everyone from Constanta to Liverpool try Unfished. We mixed Google, Social Media and shopping ads to create the recipe for success.

Getting creative.

Finally, it was time to prove that plant-based fish had a seat at the big table. So, we did what we do best – created juicy content that focused on taste and versatility, doubled by posts that revealed our current environmental problems. With this blend, consumers dared to try these unconventional products, and were not disappointed. Soon enough, we created a nature-protecting community that was eager to share the word.

The story goes on and on.

In a few months, Unfished transformed into a multinational, award-winning company that changed how people perceive plant-based food. Continuing to fight for marine wildlife, each month, we attract new people to the cause through our digital content.

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