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Verdino Planet to Earth, prepare for landing.

We’re used to clients growing and expanding, but having a brand tackle a new industry is astonishing! This study case shows how we helped Verdino switch from the supermarket racks to the fast-food world, transforming plant-based food into the new hype. 

Communication Strategy. Copywriting. Graphic Design. Social Media. Web Design. Web Development

About Verdino Planet.

Verdino Planet is a revolutionary food truck and fast-food delivery service based in Cluj, dedicated to serving delicious, planet-saving meals. From mouthwatering burgers to crispy plant-based chicken nuggets or extra cheesy pizza, they wanted to offer people a bite of the future and deliver it straight to their doorstep.

Rebels with a cause.

When Verdino Planet approached us, they faced a unique challenge. While the demand for plant-based options was growing, vegan meals were perceived as labor-intensive healthy choices reserved for only those who care too much about the animals, their wellness, or the environment. They were committed to change that! 

A small bite for you, a giant leap for mankind.

Verdino Planet aimed to appeal to all foodies, not only to the existing vegan audience. Their mission was to bring convenience and fun to the plant-based table, by surrounding people with a relaxed lifestyle, great food and planet saving skills. 


Our goal was clear: convince everyone that plant-based living is the way forward. We took inspiration from their values and goals to craft a creative solution to their challenge. 

Communication is key.

With an innovative approach to fast food, Verdino Planet needed a persuasive communication strategy to support its cause. We developed a robust social media plan for Verdino Planet, aligning the mouth-watering food with their core values: sustainability, care for the environment and a sense of futurism. 

Our content pillars would generate engaging and relatable content for Gen Z, with a focus on bold statements and flavors.  Our team’s main purpose was to build up a community, attract diverse audiences and increase brand awareness in an extremely competitive and busy industry. 

Show off what they were made of.

We seamlessly integrated Verdino Planet’s branding elements, derived from their brand book, into burger packaging, French fry containers, delivery bags, and stickers. Our creative touch extended even to photoshoot props, adding a distinctive flair to their identity. 

Shoot for the stars.

Their products were not just eco-friendly, they were irresistible, so a photo shoot was crucial. Our team began with online scouting, and curating the mood boards that would serve as our creative compass.  

From there, we embarked on a culinary adventure with a talented team of photographers and food stylists who helped us bring the delectable treats to life. 

Spreading the vibe on every feed.

With a clear strategy, powerful brand statements, and fresh content, our social media pages were filled with captivating and engaging posts. We launched the food truck at UNTOLD, one of the coolest music festivals, engaged new fans with real-time marketing and with a delicious surprise to every plant-based lover – the first vegan-only truck in the line-up. 

The Verdino Planet pages catered especially to the young, passionate audiences, who want to change the world and eat something scrumptious while doing it. 

Making friends along the way.

As Verdino Planet grew it was time to transform the business from a small food truck to a permanent food delivery service. Accomplishing this feat meant creating a strong partnership with Tazz, one of the most popular food delivery platforms available in Cluj, that would generate the traffic our cloud kitchen needed. 

The journey continues.

In just a few months, Verdino Planet has transformed into a local gem, with sales and fans ever expanding. This is just the beginning of our remarkable partnership, and we are excited to witness Verdino Planet’s continuous growth.