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Future food saves the day.

Green is all the rage now, but back when we first started working with Verdino, the sustainability trend was just starting. This study case shows that hopping early on a digital trend pays off quickly. Watch as we build a digital identity and a close-knit community!

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About Verdino.

Maybe you didn’t know this, but every bite you take (and every move you make) impacts our environment. Verdino is here to help people get a taste of sustainability with an insane range of plant-based food.

As other brands focused on already vegan clients and supporters, Verdino played a different card. They wanted everybody to give plant-based life a chance, even meat lovers.

Living with

We like our food “finger-lickin’-good” so convincing people that vegan food can be just as fun & juicy was a real challenge. And boy, do we love a challenge! We embraced their #noregrets & transformed it into our motto & golden rule.

It’s a pea-ty not to try it!

Once we got a taste of their burgers, we knew! Changing the world was right at our fingertips. Pea proteins, coconut oil and a lot of other plant goodness had a real chance to make people adore the food of the future.

We just needed to add some real next-level digital magic as a side dish.

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It’s known by taste, not by name.

In the TV spot series, Vladimir Drăghia is the voice of the internet, questioning the names of products, while Diana Enciu represents those who believe in the taste of plant-based. The two bring online debates to TV, but in a friendly and open tone. Eventually, Diana convinces Vladimir to not only taste but also to accept that names don’t matter as much as the taste does.


Spreading the word.

Making a difference starts with an awesome campaign, and goes on with another one and another one. We love creating funnel campaigns for this brand, as we had to pair different targets with matching benefits & strategies.

Seeing the reach and engagement get better and better, really made our hearts grow.

Social Media & Feed for thought.

The internet has vegans, vegetarians, gourmands, as well as people who fast or that look for the newest culinary thrill. We wanted to create a community where everybody felt welcome. Mixing tips & tricks, sustainability concerns, educational bits and looooots of delicious food, we created a unique feed for our fans.

The story goes on and on.

In a few months, Verdino went from just another player in the vegan market to an international sensation, with sales across Europe. We couldn’t be more proud and can’t wait to see the entire business sprout! Our team has definitely planted the seed of success.

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