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Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine

Great music lovers recognize great experiences. And Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine is exactly the kind of project that meets them all: good music and events to remember.

VRTW is a community dedicated to not-only-vinyl-enthusiasts, but people that want to discover music in a special way, with a desire for tasty food, exquisite event venues and intimate social gatherings.


Responsive web design

With multiple versions of the design outputted to deal with mobile & retina devices. The latest techniques available have been used so that the VRTW’s imagery looks great no matter the device.

Typography and Colors


This typeface combines a modern appearance with geometric shapes, being one of the most popular web fonts used in online. It encompasses a young flavor that perfectly matches with the mood set by our design proposal.

  • #1e1e1e

  • #1e1e1e

  • #ff6302

  • #ffffff

We wanted to give this website a colour palette that could replicate the typical atmosphere from VRTW events: an intimate dim ambience and colourful shades of warm light. This is why we chose black, grey, white and orange.

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